Monday, September 5, 2011

The Infinite Time Error

Pic at left is cat popping out of the couch cushions. I waited a good minute with the camera before he popped out. I guess burrowing in couch cushions is fun if you are a cat.

Anyways, I am going to describe how the infinite time error works. Is this unique to me?

I RSVP'd to join a few friends at a Denver event happening today called Taste of Colorado. We are meeting up at noon today (note the current time, 11:32, and the impossibility of me joining them at the designated meeting time since I first have to get to an ATM to get out some cash and I need to take the Light Rail public transit to downtown Denver.)

Anyways, I decided to invite a few more friends to join me and they said sure, but then they said maybe they'd come by this evening and I said, sure just text me.

It wasn't until last night that it occurred to me that I am now supposed to be meeting two different groups of friends at the same event at distinctly different times. I want to hang out with both groups of friends and I told both I'd be there.

So obviously, some tactful text messages and decisions can resolve this. However......I fall victim almost daily to what I call the "Infinite Time" trap. It's pretty humorous actually. Things like counting backwards from my volunteer commitment at 3 p.m. (be there at 2:45, leave house at 2:15, start gathering water bottle and sunscreen and other things together at 2, stop watching tv at 2.) Instead, I'll find myself just starting to get ready at 2:30.

Other randomness: just finished The Smartest Guys in the Room, about Enron. Very long book, but it captured my interest from the beginning and stayed fascinating.

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