Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Laughing at some lists from facebook "You Know You Have ADHD when..." I'm going to post some of my favorite "holy crap, I totally do that too" ones.

-You are listening to music and pause the song and finally realize 10 mins later that you paused it

-you lose your "train of thought" and get confused for a split second and get mad at yourself

-when you say "you know what I'm saying" after everything you say because nobody really knows what you're saying.

-you have to pee REALLY bad and it still takes you and hour to get to the bathroom!

-you stop mid-sentence and have no idea what you are talking about or what to say next.

ou find yourself wandering around the parking lot trying to look nonchalant wondering where you parked your car.....

Thursday, December 8, 2011

when other people make *ME* look organized!

I get perverse joy out of not being the one responsible for a mix-up.

I had to be somewhere at ten and it was a forty-five minute drive there. It was getting on 9:15 (ADD time here) and it occurred to me I couldn't find my keys. I started by looking on the table, where I remembered placing them when I got home yesterday. Not there. Next, I looked in my backpack, basket of keys and miscellaneous things, going-out purse, coat and jean pockets, piles of paperwork, floor, bathroom counter, kitchen counters, bags I brought home groceries in yesterday, desk area, bedroom, floor and table once again.

I thought whether I could have dropped them from my backpack on my way home from school yesterday by light rail, but I was pretty sure I hadn't even taken them with me to class since I wasn't driving there. I wondered if I had dropped them somewhere in the apartment complex or locked them into the trunk, but I was pretty sure I remembered "beeping" the car to prove to myself it was locked.

Then I texted the boyfriend that I lost my keys and got a text message back that he didn't have them. Continued looking, and planning how to laugh off my reason for not showing up to the work event.

Then I got a call from the boyfriend with updated information. "I found your set of keys in my jeans pocket. No idea why I took them with me. Oops, sorry."

Me--laugh my head off privately because I get to be disorganized, but through no fault of my own. I get to call work and tell them "boyfriend took the keys on accident, car sharing can be silly sometimes". I get a valid excuse to work on homework and goof around at home all morning......a reason that has NOTHING to do with me.

And I get to congratulate myself for NOT losing my keys. This must mean I am actually organized!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Funny Websites and My Former Dog's Vajayjay

Haven't posted in awhile.
Here are some funny websites to distract you from work. <--just click the "random card" button for some really snarky cards <--cats being silly <--hungover owls <--Colorado Gives Day 12/6/11 only! give to your favorite charity securely online. If you miss it, I still encourage you to donate.

What's new by me? I'm almost done with school, a cat is watching me blog this, and it's cold here with snow on the ground. It took me two years away from a very snowy East-Coast area before I decided I actually do like snow. But I do now. In limited amounts.

Snarky thought of the day: I had a dream about a dog I used to own and she was in heat and dogs all over the neighborhood were trying to mate with her. Really weird dream. Spay and neuter your dogs! Otherwise my dreams will be weirder than they already are.