Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Funny Websites and My Former Dog's Vajayjay

Haven't posted in awhile.
Here are some funny websites to distract you from work.

http://www.bluntcard.com/randomizer.html <--just click the "random card" button for some really snarky cards

getoutoftherecat.tumblr.com <--cats being silly

http://hungoverowls.tumblr.com/ <--hungover owls

www.coloradogives.org <--Colorado Gives Day 12/6/11 only! give to your favorite charity securely online. If you miss it, I still encourage you to donate.

What's new by me? I'm almost done with school, a cat is watching me blog this, and it's cold here with snow on the ground. It took me two years away from a very snowy East-Coast area before I decided I actually do like snow. But I do now. In limited amounts.

Snarky thought of the day: I had a dream about a dog I used to own and she was in heat and dogs all over the neighborhood were trying to mate with her. Really weird dream. Spay and neuter your dogs! Otherwise my dreams will be weirder than they already are.

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