Friday, August 19, 2011

Brain Freeze and Terri McMillan

Hi, this is my new blog:
Hello World. That is what you learn to command in the first class of any programming language. I am somewhat "software language" illiterate, but it seemed like a good way to start off a blog. The picture at left is from a bar in Florida.

Why this blog title? I have adult AD/HD and it is both really annoying and a pretty cool way to view the world. I might blog a bit about AD/HD, which is also known as ADD, ADHD, and "sometimes she makes sense and sometimes she is seriously coming out of left field". I'm currently a Denver girl, and I'm in school for a master's in business while I figure out exactly what career is ideal for me.

I might write about random things. I might write about things I am doing to keep balance in my life. I hope you enjoy reading what I write, but if not, it can be a "how-to-not-write-a-blog" guide! I will try to include cool random tidbits of info, and then some other topic that I am thinking a lot about or think is interesting.

Interesting thing of the day:
I read in a magazine, possibly Real Simple, that if you press your tongue to the roof of your mouth after having ice cream or drinking a cold drink too fast, it will prevent brain freeze. It really works!

Main entry topic:
I have been reading through Terri McMillan's books and I really enjoy them! It's not too often that I read my way through all of an author's work and it's been an enjoyable way to spend my summer so far. Here is a link to Terri's books:
I have read six of her nine books so far and plan to read the last three soon. I am midway through "Disappearing Acts" and after that plan to read: Breaking Ice, It's Ok If You are Clueless, and Getting to Happy. I also found an unauthorized biography of the author and may check that out.

Her books have a common thread of being mostly about black women and the friends, family, men, and personal struggles they go through and by the end of the books, many of the characters have undergone life revelations that have put them on a happier path. I like the stories because they are heartfelt, an engaging read, and because of those life lessons that the author is trying to convey.

Ok, now it's all up to you:
If you like to read, comment and tell me what authors or books I should check out. If you aren't much of a reader, tell me the best cold beer to test the limits of the anti-brain freeze tip I posted above. Or just write random things.

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