Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Musing of the day

Which is less wasteful? 1) using dishes and washing them in a dishwasher, including some pre rinsing because my dishwasher sucks OR 2)using disposable paper plates and bowls? Cuz I know for a fact that running a dishwasher uses electricity to run it and possibly gas to heat up the water. Disposable dishes use materials and probsbly electiricty during production and it generates trash.

On a side note, I have been pretty successful with not individually bagging my fruits and veggies to reduce the number of plastic bags I bring home. I also try to encourage cashiers to use fewer plastic bags on the (numerous) occasions that I forget my reusable bags. I figure that the bags I bring home can be used to dispose of used cat litter and the rest can be recycled.

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  1. Cool thing - in case you haven't ever seen them is reusable produce bags. You can even get some to use on bulk bins. They are awesome.

    Plus those thin produce bags aren't good for cat litter. We use the grocery bags for that too (haha). It always bothers me when grocers here put my produce individually in grocery bags instead of just putting them all together in my reusable bag. I guess my oranges and peppers mingling is a bad thing. Ahh MA, you need to learn to be more environmentally friendly.


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